Yes, all the time.  Animals seem to sense who can hear them telepathically and they initiate conversations.  Sometimes I’m interested to talk with them too but the timing isn’t right.

I remember going to check out a boarding stable years ago.  The owner was walking a group of us potential boarders around the property, giving us a detailed description of her operations.  As she walked us down one barn aisle to show off the ‘best’ horses -talented show jumpers- another horse caught my attention.  He was an older gelding, not much to look at compared to the flashy show horses.  I could sense he was used to not getting much attention and he had a great deal of wisdom and a caring heart.  I forgot all about the lady speaking as he began to tell me what it’s like to live in that barn.  He explained the personalities of all the horses, boarders and staff, showed me which stalls were the best from a horse’s point of view, which pastures had the best grass and which had the most bugs.  He explained everything I really wanted to know about what it would be like to have my horse live there.

I was pulled back to ‘reality’ when our host led the group out of the barn and I had to end my talk with the lovely old horse.  Too bad I didn’t move my horse to that barn.  It would have been nice to have him as a neighbor.