People are often interested in having a session with an animal communicator but they’re not sure what questions to ask their animal. They’ve been putting it off because they’re afraid they’ll ‘waste’ their session by asking the ‘wrong’ questions. This is especially true when it’s their first time working with an animal communicator; the first time communicating with this particular animal; talking with an animal who has passed on; or when asking deeper, more spiritually-based questions for the first time. There’s a learning curve that everyone goes through when trying to figure out what to expect and what’s possible, and this can cause us to hesitate.

My advice to you is this: If you feel the pull to talk to your animal, do so! There’s no need to put it off. Communicating with your pets isn’t a one-time opportunity, after all. If you have a session and afterwards find you have more questions, that’s a good thing! That means you got to know your animal better as a result of communicating with him or her, and you have further questions because you have a desire to continue learning. You and your pets will receive the most benefits and be able to achieve your best lives together when you communicate regularly.

Here are some ideas for when you’re really not sure what to talk about with your pets, whether they are living or in spirit:

  • Ask your animals what they’d like to talk about. Maybe you’ve felt you should talk to them because they’ve been trying to tell you that they have something to say. What’s been on their mind lately? What do they think about, worry about, dream about?
  • Convey that you want to give your animals the best life possible and would like to know their ideas for how to do that. Ask them to share honestly what’s working and where you need to improve.
  • Tell your animals how you feel about them and what their presence in your life has meant to you. We assume they know but often they don’t. Sharing this can improve self-esteem and give them confidence in their role. If the animal has passed on it can help with your grieving process and spiritual growth.
  • Ask your animal to comment on any area of your lives where you have doubts or are feeling uneasy. This may concern your pets, people in your life, your job, future plans, anything. Animals are excellent observers and often have insightful advice.
  • You may feel the need to simply connect with your loved one, with nothing specific you want to say or hear. This is often the case for animals who have recently passed. Allow yourself the opportunity to receive any information the animal would like to share with you in whatever way it chooses.

There doesn’t need to be a specific agenda each time you talk with your animals. Whenever you communicate with them, it is never wasted time. It lets your animals know that you value them, that you want to have a deeper understanding of what’s important to them, and that you’re trying to be the best caretaker you can be.