After our animals pass away they remain connected to us and often help us from the other side. I’d like to share a story about the way my cat in spirit helped me find my next pet.

cat PhoebeWhen my cat Phoebe died suddenly I was completely unprepared for the loss. We didn’t know she was ill and her death came as a big shock. A few days after she passed away I was crying, missing her, and called out to her, saying how much I wished I could have her near again and hoping she’d somehow hear my thoughts. Her spirit appeared to me. She was in front of me at eye level, her feet tucked up as if crouching in the air itself. I could see her in my mind’s eye clear as day and knew I wasn’t making it up. It was a tremendous comfort to see her and know her spirit was living on. It made missing her much easier to bear. Phoebe told me to not be upset, that it was her time to go and she was ok with it. She reminded me that her body hadn’t been strong her entire life –she’d been injured and sick as a baby and had chronic problems because of it– and she had been ready to let go of that body. After a much too short visit she said, “I have to go, they’re waiting for me.” The spirits who were there to help her on the next phase of her journey shouldn’t be kept waiting. I expected I’d never see her again, yet I felt such a sense of peace sharing that brief moment together. (I have seen her many times since, but that’s a story for another time.)

Before she ran off Phoebe let me understand that she would help me find my next cat, one who would fit in perfectly with her former housemate, a somewhat tough-to-get-along-with male named Midway. I wasn’t ready to think about a new cat yet, but over the next weeks I’d occasionally look at shelter photos ‘just in case’. Each time I looked, I felt Phoebe influencing me, saying “not yet”.

Then one day a few months later I casually called up the shelter website and Phoebe was suddenly there in the room with me. I could feel her presence sitting behind my right shoulder. She told me my next cat was on the fourth page of the photos, the third photo down the page. She said I’d recognize it when I saw it, that it was a group of kittens and I’d know which one to adopt. “Yeah, right,” I thought. “I must be pretty desperate to think my cat in spirit can tell me what’s on this website.” Besides, I had been wanting to adopt a mature cat, maybe even a senior, the last thing I wanted was to raise a kitten. I was surprised that when I turned to page 4, there was the group of 4 kittens and one looked exactly like Midway. The sign couldn’t have been any clearer, it was like flashing neon lights spelling out: “Here’s your new cat!”

I immediately emailed the foster mom to ask to meet the kittens. I was so afraid someone would adopt ‘my’ kitten before I could get there! When I met him in person, he didn’t look a thing like his picture but I knew he was the one for me. When I brought him home Midway immediately took a shine to him, and they were fast friends.