Fish in tankWhile a friend’s son was in the hospital having surgery she was in a hospital waiting room near a large tank with many beautiful fish. As she sat waiting one fish seemed to be watching her and she became fascinated by him. She sent me several photos of this little guy she dubbed ‘Fishy’ and commented “This fish looks like he wants to talk!” Later I talked to him about his life at the hospital. I hope you enjoy learning his thoughts.

I began by asking how does Fishy interact with people who come near his tank? He swims over and wonders “Where are you from?” He knows people come from different places in all directions within about a 50 mile radius. He also looks at people and wonders “Why aren’t you blue? I’m blue.” He makes choices of who to interact with. He gives an example of a kid making funny faces at him. “He’s making eyes at me but watch, I can swim away.” He turns his back on the kid and leaves.

I explained to Fishy that my friend was there recently and hung out by him during her long wait. Fishy says “I do that sometimes, I watch people sit and watch me. It’s pleasurable.” I said he must see people in a lot of different emotional states, like crying or upset. “I don’t ‘do’ that.” He doesn’t care for people being overly emotional and when he sees that he swims away. What kind of people does he like to be around? “The blue ones.” He shows people dressed all in navy blue, such as jeans and a dark blue patterned top. He feels a curious kinship with them because they’re the same color as he is. He also likes people who sit and concentrate on him from a short distance. He doesn’t like people who get right up to the tank or try to tap or point, or people who stand near the tank and talk to each other, ignoring the fish.

Fish in tankDoes Fishy know he and his fellow fish do a good service to the patients and visitors at the hospital, helping calm them? With a shrug he says the hospital workers “tell us we do a good service for them, but we just swim around.” I let him know that people have said their mere presence is helpful. “Yes, I understood that.” Does he ever try to talk to the people telepathically? “No, I can’t do that.” (LOL! Even though he said that to me telepathically, he’s certain he’s not able to communicate this way!) Can he sense what the people near his tank are thinking? Yes, he senses their emotions and knows that “some are laughing inside” especially kids, some are sad, many are just distracted and can’t focus.

Is there anything he’d like to say to the people at the hospital? He has no messages but two questions. He shows a person sitting in a chair that has metal legs and wants to know “Do those things hurt that you have on your legs?” He imagines it’s painful to have the chair legs sticking out of us. He doesn’t have an understanding that the chair seat supports our weight or even what it would feel like to want to sit, as his body is always supported by the water. Fishy also wants to ask people “Why are you talking” on cell phones? He’s noticed that doing that makes people more upset and less focused. He thinks people would be calmer if they didn’t do that.

At this point he politely announced “I’m gonna go away now” and off he swam.