People sometimes wonder how the animals respond to being contacted by me for their session. Most animals are comfortable using telepathy for communication so it’s no big deal to them. It’s no different than us receiving a phone call. But I’ll never forget the reaction of one horse named Dan. I connected with him mentally and explained why I was contacting him. I could ‘see’ him in his stall, looking all around, on the floor, in the buckets, up in the rafters. He seemed confused. I asked what was the matter. “Where are you?”, he asked. “At my house”, I replied. “WHAT!? I can hear you! You have to be here!” He put his eye up against the bars on the stall door and peered down the aisle, one way then the other, looking for me. He seemed utterly baffled, he could not understand how he could hear me if I wasn’t in the barn.

I explained that I was speaking with him mind-to-mind, telepathically, did he understand what that means? Yes, he told me he understands telepathy, he and the other horses use it with each other all the time. “People can do it too?” He had never known a person to talk to a horse and so he thought it couldn’t be done. In all his 10 years he had never even considered it. I told him I had actually just spoken with another horse in his barn. I could hear him ask his buddy, a 15-year-old gelding, if I was telling the truth. The older horse chuckled a little and explained to Dan that yes, humans can talk to horses and horses can talk to humans, but that not all the humans listen to telepathy. Dan was still skeptical but he trusted his friend, and he allowed me to continue the session.