Do you have trouble picking names for your pets? The best way is to have the animals themselves give you their opinions. Let me tell you how one of my cats picked his name. I adopted him at 7 weeks old after my cat in spirit selected him. I spent weeks trying to come up with the perfect name for my new friend. I considered hundreds of names but none of them felt right. Part of the difficulty in choosing was that he was too young for his personality to show much yet. His coloring didn’t give any obvious names either, he was a typical nondescript short hair brown and gray tabby. His most prominent characteristic was that he made a lot of noise when he ran. The day friends came over to meet him he was playing upstairs and making so much noise on the ceiling someone suggested calling him Thumper after the rabbit in Bambi. I kind of liked that, it was cute and seemed to suit him. I silently asked him if he’d like that name. He yelled back telepathically, “NO! That’s a BABY name, I need a TOUGH name!” OK, message received, cross that name off the list.

Another day I had other friends over and the kitten was again running around upstairs making a racket. Someone asked, “Is that thunder?” thinking a storm was coming. Hmmm… Thunder… I liked that name even better. It described him, and it’s a tough name like he wanted, a force to be reckoned with. I silently asked if he’d like that to be his name. I heard a loud “YES!” and that was his name from that moment on.

Next time you adopt an animal, ask it if it likes its name or wants a new one and what that name should be. Pose the questions one at a time and watch for a reaction from the animal, or for a sensation in your body. You might feel a momentary sense of happiness or an uneasy feeling, as you sense the animal’s opinion. When you find the right one your animal will let you know!