As we prepare to honor moms this Mother’s Day, I chatted with some animals about the day.  I asked them all, “If you could get your human mom any gift at all for Mother’s Day, what would it be and why?”

Some wanted to do little things to bring a smile to their mom’s face.  A group of young horses living in their mom’s backyard giggled and said, “We would put something special in her purse.”  They show they’d hide chocolate there.  They would do this because often “she puts some in her pocket to take with her” so they think it would be a nice surprise for her to find it when she didn’t think she had any.  “She would bite into it and it would be gooey and good.”  They smile thinking about how happy their mom would be to taste it.

Others wanted to give her their mom a break from her workload.
Two trail horses know their mom “frets and fusses all the time”, she’s always busy doing things for others and never rests until all the work is done.  They want to give her “Some sleep! She deserves it!”
A calico cat living with an elderly woman knows her mom gets very tired and needs to take naps.  At these times she would like to be able to bring her “a pillow to lay her head on” and be able to turn on the radio to play her mom’s favorite songs while she relaxes.  She shrugs and explains, “I just want to take care of her.  She might want these things, so I would do them for her”.
One busy mom is lucky to have cats who want to give her the gift of being able “to put her feet up” at the end of a work day.  “That’s what she needs most, is a rest. We’d tell her: ‘We’ll take it from here’ “ – they want to be able to take over doing the housework and making dinner.  “We’d put the food on the plates for her, that’s what she does for us every day.”  They appreciate the effort she puts into it, feeding the family even when she’s tired.  They know “It’s hard making dinner!”

Some animals had more practical gift ideas.
A pug knew exactly what his mom needs: ”A purse (wallet) on a string.  She’s always losing hers”.
Some animals couldn’t decide if it should be a practical gift or something more personal.  One pony thinks his mom needs “a new hamper, something to put the barn clothes in” when she carries them to the laundry.  For a less practical gift he suggests “something to put around her neck” – he shows a necklace made of leather with a stone pendant. His brother scoffs at that, “she never wears those things!”  He suggests their mom would like a book with “a poem, a love poem.”  He knows she likes to read and that no one ever gives her that kind of book even though it’s her favorite kind.  He’s seen her reaction to them, “They make her heart melt when she reads them.”

A crafty Labrador retriever wishes he had opposable thumbs in order to make his mom a special gift.  He knows the kids are all planning on making their mom handmade gifts and he’d like to do the same.  ”I would make her beaded shoes, but I don’t have the hands for it.”  He shows he’d make soft leather flats with elaborate hand-beading.  “They look pretty on her feet and she likes them.”

In contrast, this poodle thinks handmade gifts are all wrong for her mom.  She wants to give her ”a simple necklace” with one large sparkling diamond because “she likes anything pretty.”  She’s sure her mom would like a necklace like that because “she’s mentioned it a lot.”  [I hope her husband pays as much attention to her hints as the dog!]

Certainly all mothers like a special treat or ‘thank you’ on Mother’s Day.  It would be a wonderful surprise to receive any of these gifts from our pets.  Knowing our animals care for us as much as we care for them is a gift we can cherish every day!

Happy Mother’s Day!