“This gives me such hope and thrill”

A client wrote that after a session with her horse. One of the greatest joys of my job as an animal communicator is hearing of the changes that take place after a session. An animal that is withdrawn and skittish becomes confident and happy; an animal acting out in frustration becomes a willing partner; a pet owner learns how her pet feels instead of letting doubts interfere with her ability to enjoy their time together. These are just a few transformations that occur every day as a result of communicating with our animals. It’s so painful to see our animals unhappy and not know how to help, and so wonderful when we get back on track! This is what animal communication is all about after all, improving communication so we can grow and transform our relationships, creating the deeper bonds that we know are possible.

My client and her horse had a wonderful turnaround after their session. Before the session she feared her horse didn’t like her. He seemed miserable but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong between them. During the session the horse shared his thoughts, opinions, loving feelings towards her and what he needed from her. She now has a much better understanding of him and they’ve been able to clear up some misunderstandings that had been impacting their relationship. She writes:

I am so grateful for all this information I love him so much and he was right when he was acting poorly in frustration I was thinking of selling him. I thought he did not like me. He does, just not how I do things, which now I know. I will try to be much better for him. This gives me such hope and thrill.

Since their session, their relationship is blossoming! The lines of communication have been opened and these two old friends have a renewed love and commitment to each other. Read more of their story here.