Can my pets in spirit hear me when I talk to them?

            “There’s so much in my heart I wish she could know…”

            “I talk to him all the time.  I don’t know if he can hear me…”

After a pet’s passing, continuing to talk to them and share your feelings is a wonderful way to connect, work through your emotions, and maintain your relationship.  It is possible to send your thoughts and feelings to your pet in spirit at any time, without any special training.

I spoke with a group of pets who have transitioned to spirit and asked them to describe it from their point of view.  I requested that any spirit pets who wanted to speak come share their thoughts with you as I led them through some of the most common questions I receive from pet parents on this topic.  The volunteers included dogs, cats and bunnies.

Is it true?  Can a person consciously send their thoughts and feelings to their pets in spirit and the pets will receive those thoughts?

One very enthusiastic pet starts us off.  He jumps up and down excitedly. He wants everyone to know it’s true!  “We see them! We see them!” He receives his people’s messages clearly, visually.

The other animals in the group nod solemnly.  Yes.  “All it takes is a wish.” 

Another explains “That’s the start” – wanting it to happen, that’s where to begin.  “If you love us, it will come to us.”

How does my message reach the right animal?  How do I start?

Simple, they are individuals, each has a signature, an indicator of who they are.  The messages are in essence addressed to them only, via your intentions.   To begin, start by holding the wish, the intention, that you want to talk to the pet.  “You don’t have to wish that we receive”, only that you want to send.  The receiving happens automatically. 

The animals explain there are many different ways the messages get delivered. One is via “guidance spirits”.  They show thoughts traveling like waves across a sky, to a waiting animal.  The guidance spirits create a sort of chute to help focus the energy towards the intended animal, gently helping it along. 

Another example is via an automatic relay system, where the guiding spirits take the message in a package form and pass it to the intended target.  One animal calls it “a fantasy relay” because it’s like magic, hard to believe it’s real, yet it works.  They’ve seen it in action over and over again. 

After setting your intention, you don’t have to do anything special to start sending, just continue.    Trust that the opening was created.  “That’s it.  Sit down and talk to us.”

“The heart unlocks it” – the feeling you create in your heart of that love for your animal is what unlocks the process, puts it in motion, makes all the automatic parts occur.   

If I can’t feel a response from my animal, how can I know they received my message?

They know oftentimes people set their intention but don’t feel they have a connection so they stop before sending the message.  They give an example of a person sending out a ‘ping’, as if asking their animal to listen, then sending another ping and another… The animals suggest you can send that initial ping if you want, then focus your thoughts, and send the message.

“You just have to stand and know it.”  Stand in that intention, stand in that belief that it is real.  The intention to send sets up the frequency and makes it easy for the animal to grab the messages.  “Trust your feeling in your heart.”

I’m not sure what to say.  How can I focus my thoughts?

The animals suggest you can start small, don’t try to fit in all your thoughts at once.  “Send your heart.” Begin with little love messages, such as what you love about the animal.  “Bring me love lights.”  Special little memories you cherish about them, that make you happy.   “I cherish the friendship” and he loves to be reminded of it, how you were with each other.

To send larger messages or have a long talk with your pet, it helps to prepare yourself and your pets.  The pets can listen “with a finer granularity”, hear the nuances more easily, if they are prepared.  “It’s good to let us know you’re coming”, that you’re getting ready to send a big heart-message. 

It helps to “sit down with purpose”, with the intent to focus on the animal.  This may be in meditation/focused thought, where the person sets aside time to put 100% of their attention on this intent, plan for no interruptions.  Your intention “to be fully aware” sets off a blinking light to alert the animal of your intent.  “Then we’ll wander in and sit where you are.”  The animal may literally come to the person’s room, or to a place in spirit where the animal can watch and listen clearly, almost as if they’re in the same room.  “You won’t feel us” – the person will likely not know the animal has arrived.  That’s ok.

Another way to prepare is sit quietly and look at the pet’s photo or hold something of theirs such as a collar. One pet suggests lighting a candle can help because it focuses the person’s mind on the actions of lighting it, like creating a little ceremony, and therefore helps the person create a stronger intention.  Then later when the flame is extinguished the animal knows that session is finished – it creates an opening and closing to the effort. 

What if I’m not sure I can do it?  Will it still work?

            “I doubt that I’m doing it right, doubt that my pet can hear me so I stop…”

Start simply.  Pretend.  “Have a talk with yourself in your head.  Pretend you’re me and you’re answering me.”  He shows pretend the animal is in your head, in your thoughts, in front of you in your mind’s eye,  then talk to them as if they’re there.  Pretend they can hear you, pretend they understand your spoken words.  That imaginary version of them acts like a stand-in, it opens up your mind to speak freely to them, which then allows the process to happen easily.

It is possible to block your messages from going out, if you doubt that you can send them or doubt that the animal will want to receive it. If doubt causes you to “dry yourself up”, close off your thoughts and stop trying, your emotions may stay dull, stagnant, sad. And that means you’ll never experience “the dancing joy this brings us”, the feelings of joy and happiness the animals feel when connected to you this way. That’s not what your pets want for you, they want you to be well. “I want my mom to know I’M ALIVE! And WELL! And in her presence!” This pet feels she can send that knowledge back to her mom, if her mom allows herself to believe in this process and doesn’t stop herself from trying.

“You have to know it can happen.”  Believe it is possible.  “You have to know there’s a way.” 

“Release your stubbornness and fear”, even for the moment.  This helps the messages transmit freely to your animals.  “Believe.  Know in your heart you want to talk to me, to be this blend with me, everything.”  One pet puffs out his chest, confident, and says “I believe it” – he’s saying he believes in this process and so you can too.

Does it ever disturb the animal to receive our messages?

“I don’t want to disturb my pet if he’s busy/happy  in the afterlife…”

“Oh no!” all in chorus, all pshaw-ing.  “It doesn’t hurt us one bit.  You keep on sending.” 

The idea that it disturbs those in the afterlife to be contacted is an old one, they say.  “That was made up eons ago… Nobody believes that anymore…”  No one in spirit believes it or cares or is disturbed.

No matter how much time has passed, it is always ok to contact them.  “I’m carrying forever the way I was with you…” the history does not change; the animal always remembers and values that time.  “It is cherished what I was to you, what you want from me now.”  Hearing from one who loved them is a reminder of that love. 

Sometimes I get so sad or emotional when I try to talk to my animal… does that interfere or make her unhappy?

“Oh NO! It makes is believe you love us!”  They know you would not feel that way if you did not love them!  “We are so free, you see” that they can receive and use that emotion energy in different ways than we imagine.   “We can take that love and turn it into hope.”  It can transmute into something strong and beautiful, from the strength of that energy sent to them.  “It’s not a burden” to receive it; it’s a tool, raw materials. 

“You should say your sad things.”  Be honest.  “I like to know my master is sad, it helps me look for him”, look for ways to help him.  This pet would rather know.

“It sends me a love song”, when her person is very sad or crying.  The animal receives that as a beautiful love song she hears that fills her with a loving feeling.  “The tenderest words come through”, gentle loving words.  “They flow through your heart with such strength.”

How should I end the message?

It’s natural to feel like you can never say enough, that there’s always more you want to share with your pet.  The animals say It is helpful for you to close off the message, the feelings.   “Put a cap on it. Don’t let it drain you away.”  If the person keeps obsessively thinking about it, their energy keeps trickling out of them, draining the person more.

The pets say when you are done, you will know it, when you’ve said what you wanted to say.  Then you can consciously end the intended transmission, like ending a conversation.  That will end the flow of info to the animal and you can shift gears and go on to the next task in your day.

“It’s good to end with love.  That seals your heart.”  End with the person feeling love, end with the person feeling better.  If the person ends on sorrow, that might be all the person feels the remainder of the day.  “And we don’t want you to be sorrow, we want you to be free”, free to experience your world and love.  If your grief is too strong right now to end on a positive note, “Let me love you back.”  Allow yourself to feel the animal’s love for you, which they will send to comfort and support you.

What else do the animals want their people to know about this?

“It is magical! There is so much magical!”  So much in the universe that is fascinating and that we have no idea exists!

“Set your sights a little higher!”  Expect more, want more, be more open to what might be possible.  That makes it more fun for the person and also makes it easier for the animals to respond, more options for communication are opened that way, experiences are enhanced.  “Like love flowing in both directions”.

“It’s super easy” to talk to your animals in spirit.  It’s not hard at all.  “Don’t be afraid, don’t belittle yourself, don’t put down your true feelings for us”.  All of those feelings “will explain your true beliefs to yourself”, as well help you see the things you don’t understand, where you have questions wanting answers. 

“Send hugs!”  That’s all you have to do, nothing more elaborate than that!  “We’ll see you and smile.”

“Stand and believe in your heart and let yourself experience us.  This blessing of love between us.”  There is no more than that, nothing greater than that.