FAQ: “How do you interpret what the animal is describing?”

It’s usually fairly straightforward.  When I’m talking telepathically with an animal I receive mainly words combined with photographs or short videos.  It’s similar to watching a brief movie trailer.  Here’s a typical example.  In my Mother’s Day gift ideas post, a pug said the gift he wished he could give his mom for Mother’s Day was “A purse on a string.  She’s always losing hers”.  I actually heard those words in my head.

Along with this he showed me several images.  The first was a picture of himself standing with his mom, she had a small purse attached to her shoulder with string.  He showed it could move away from her body only so far but it could not come off because of the strings holding it. Next he showed the problem: a video of the woman at a store but she has no money to pay, she’s searching her pockets but they’re empty and she has to come home without her purchase.  The dog sent me the sensation of her emotions also though I could read them plainly on her face – she’s feeling, flustered, embarrassed and thinking “oh no, not again.”

The dog followed that with his solution: he showed the same scene but this time she has her ‘purse on a string’ and the paper money is flying out of it so she’s able to pay.  He imagines his mom feels happy, and he feels useful and contented for solving her problem.