Good Advice

Sometimes a simple question leads to a big answer. Recently a group of kids asked for a bit of my help with a project they were working on. Just before our scheduled meeting I was at the barn with my horse and casually asked if any of the horses had advice for the kids to help them with their project, which involved improving life for zoo animals and others kept in captivity. Three horses immediately showed interest. Their advice, dispensed freely with love, in the spirit of a nurturing mentor, is so universal that I wanted to share it with you.


“Do the best you can.”
In all situations. Trying and caring is what matters most.

Remember: “We are all brethren.”
We may be different species but we are all in this life together, all working for the same outcomes. Simply taking different paths.

“Take your time and make it special – each interaction with an animal or any being. It takes practice to get it right.”
Learn from each interaction. Think about the points in your interaction where you felt a connection. These will be small infrequent moments as you first attempt to relate to another being. You can learn to replicate them.

“We understand that you want to help us. We ‘get it’. We understand where YOU belong, what YOU want, what YOU deserve” from the animals concerning their behavior towards us.
Just as we study and try to understand the animals, they study us human, see our goals, efforts, shortcomings. They see beyond our flaws to what’s in our hearts. If our intentions towards the animals are pure, they will overlook our mistakes and work with us.

Remember: “It doesn’t get better if you don’t understand.”
Become informed. Learn. Then learn more.

“Know your purpose in this world, in this life. How to help others better. How to help others BE better.”
Focus your efforts on assisting others in the best way you can, to be the best they can be, and all the rest will fall into place. Do not be discouraged if others seem better equipped than you. Use the abilities that you do have. Know that you CAN play a role, you CAN make a positive impact.

How do the horses think people can learn to implement these ideas? “Be better, practice. Learn. Perfect yourself, (your technique, your mind). Try, be more. Be more humble, you’ll learn more. Humbleness presumes less.” Most importantly: “Keep a willing attitude.”