Animal Communicator

Eileen Leskovec

Solving problems & improving relationships
through telepathic communication with animals


As a professional animal communicator I help animals and their people develop a deeper understanding of each other and resolve the issues they face. By communicating telepathically with your pets I am able to hear, see and feel your animal's thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. I act as a translator to get answers to questions you have for your pets and relay messages from the animals to you.

My aim is to help animals lead better lives by improving communication between people and their pets.

- Eileen

All Species, All Needs

Whatever your animal, whatever you're trying to learn about them, I can help!

Horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds... and all other companion animals.

General understanding, training/behavior, health issues, end of life, afterlife, missing pets and more.

Convenient Remote Sessions

Sessions are done from a distance via email. It's convenient and doesn't impact your schedule since there's no need to meet in person or even be on the phone.

Detailed Transcript

A detailed written transcript is provided. There to read and reread at any time to refresh your memory and gain additional insights.


Flexible session lengths and reasonable rates fit any budget.

Available wherever you are

Based near Cleveland, Ohio, working with clients across the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere.


Sessions can cover any type of animal communication you may need. Some of the many benefits include:

  • General understanding, get to know your animals better, learn what they've been trying to tell you, understand what they want in order to improve their lives.
  • Behavior and training, understand why your animal is behaving badly and what they need in order to change, help stop inappropriate behavior, understand why training has stalled, improve communication to gain cooperation.
  • New animals, get to know your adopted animal, create a smoother transition, understand how the animal's past may be affecting its behavior.
  • Preparing for change, avoid problems by letting your animals know what to expect, address their fears and concerns.
  • Health/physical concerns, learn of pain and other symptoms the animals feels, what they'd like you to do to help them.
  • Aging pets and end-of-life concerns, help your older animals be more comfortable, know when it's time to say goodbye.
  • Afterlife, connect with your animal in spirit, express your final thoughts, receive messages from your pet.
  • Help locate lost/missing pets.

"I am absolutely blown away. And, wiping away good tears. I've read this twice, and will read it several times more - each time, I think I will pull out something new. There is so much here."

"Wow!!! So incredibly powerful. Thanks so much! I will certainly tend to what I can vet wise. Otherwise, the insight I have now is astonishing!!! I couldn't be more grateful!"

"The things my little girl told you made me laugh in some places and cry in others. I had no idea she felt that way. Now I know better how to help her."

"Thank you for the detailed notes on my horse. It was amazing. I have to keep rereading it. You'll be hearing from me again. There's a whole world out there that I would like to know more about."