Client Stories

Each session is unique. Below you can read experiences shared by a few of my clients.

"More peace and comfort than I could have ever imagined"

Clients sought insight from a special wise cat who had recently transitioned after brief intense health issues, to learn how she is doing and how they may still be connected.

"Oh my goodness, Eileen. I read your E-mail shortly after it came through and since then I just have been reading it over and over again. I can't even put into words how much this reading means to me. The things that you said were so incredible spot on and summed Maggie up so well. Your insights to her health and feelings about her life, as well as how she is doing now have brought me more peace and comfort than I could have ever imagined. This is without a doubt the greatest gift I have ever received in my life and I can't thank you enough. Not only do I already feel so much better, I am excited at the task of looking out for what signs she may give me to let me know she is still here. I will welcome every single one, and I know my husband will, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"A powerful insight into the afterlife"

"These readings are such a powerful insight into the afterlife, with such a peaceful, reassuring and joyful message: that we will get reunited with our beloved.

I felt very emotional reading Lily's script. It was like I could hear her, her tone of voice, the words and expressions, the frankness, are so Lily!

I relished the communication experience with you and Tickle totally! Yet as I am still acutely grieving Tickle, your transcript brought it all home to me as confirmation that my beloved Tickle had truly 'transitioned' from our world. There was no fooling myself anymore: he was truly gone. Despite the deep sorrow, your communication has also brought an affirmation of joy and peace, a testament that Tickle is happy and that he is truly standing by my side, in love and companionship. You and he have been able to answer my questions and bring some form of appeasement to my profound sadness. Thank you for your great work!

I read and re-read your detailed transcript several times over several days and felt so humbled and deeply moved by your communication that really embodies my Tickle, his lovely little quirks, his thoughtful sensitive side, and his "very steady and gentle energy" that encapsulates who he is to those who know him, behind his lively, sometimes boisterous, Jack Russell Terrier façade. The transcript holds many truths. Some elements are a bit cryptic but I am ready to embrace them as they are, and be open to any further developments or clues as time goes by..."

- Nathalie, Corsica, France

"We have grown"

"Ever since you've been helping me communicate with my boys, I have looked at them and treated them quite differently. We have grown in our understanding of each other and of life in general. I'm glad that they know they have this clear channel of communication with me. Pretty cool!!!!"

"A moving accurate account "

"Since our beloved puppy passed away [about 6 months ago], I'd been feeling anxious and full of remorse.

I wrote to Eileen hoping she might be of help. I trusted her implicitly but I didn't know what to expect.

My husband and I don't share any personal details on social networks and we live 4,000 miles away from Eileen. Yet she provided a moving, accurate account of her «conversation» with our «son» - down to the cute names we gave him, the private jokes between us, and the code word I told my dog to use if we tried to communicate after his passing. Everything was spot on! Eileen is caring and a very skilled communicator. I will definitely ask for her help in the future and recommend her to anyone who is seeking better communication with their pets or is grieving.

- Sophie

"A way that I can better care for them"

Client requested my help to learn more about her cats' health, prepare them for upcoming medical tests and surgery, inform them of family changes, and address other concerns through several sessions scheduled over time as the needs came up.

"How can I ever continue to thank you for all that you do for the 3 of us – My Girls, Halo & Angel, and me. You are such an important member of our family, along with our vet and vet tech. Your communication with my girls is proving to be a way that I can better care for them, providing them not only what they need but also ask for. Eileen, your God-given talent is beyond admirable, impressive – it’s just what you can do, and you do 'it' in such a way, that from the beginning contact with you, it’s like you had been knowing Halo and Angel all along. I wish that I could just have you 'check in' with them periodically and see how they are doing, etc. I have so many questions that go unanswered because I don’t really know the right person to ask – now I realize that that person is you."

– Kathy

"That message was so healing to me"

A cat in spirit had messages to share with his family.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. From the very bottom of my heart. That message was so healing to me and I can't thank you enough for letting me hear that. I'm so overwhelmed by that. You got so many things correct! When Milo was alive, every single night he slept on my pillow by my hair. And me and my family have seen first hand these little balls of light, so it's comforting to know that it's him.

Wow. Thank you thank you thank you! You are amazing!"

– K.H.

"It´s put my mind at rest"

This client's most recent session was to check with a senior cat to better understand her physical issues and how she's coping with her aging process; and also to communicate with a dog who recently crossed over.

"Just to say thank you so much for contacting Baggy and Spider for me... It´s put my mind at rest because, where Baggy is concerned, it is as I was seeing it, but I wanted to be sure she could cope with her ´pains´. I was a little concerned when she goes under the piano for her rests and wondered why she wasn´t staying with me as she used to. I understand now that she needs more space to rest on her own. I´m glad she is doing things her way, although it is sad to watch her winding down.

The message from Spider was wonderful. So different from other messages from other animals - uniquely his communication, and it´s comforting to know who is looking after him in a more specific way. He was, and seems to still be, the baby of the family. He observed all that went on in the house, and your description of his life in the spirit world is so understandable.

I have to admit that I wondered what I was letting myself in for when I first contacted you, as this form of communication with animals was not known to me. I´m so glad that I took the plunge and have been absolutely amazed at how well you described each and every one of the animals which included horses, a mule, dogs and cats who were either living or already in the Spirit world so accurately and with each animal there was much evidence that only I and the animal knew about, things they did, their habits, and so on, and their messages to me contained help for coming to terms with my having to be without them. More important was learning just how many individual ideas and tastes each animal had, such as one wanting more gravy with his dinner, and another wanting time to come to terms with its passing, another, a male, explaining how he accepted being a beast of burden. Your answers to my health queries concerning them helped me to tackle their problems more quickly and accurately.

You may remember a dog named Charlie who I met along the way. I cared very much for him, but I was not his person. I asked you to contact him because he lived and died in sad circumstances as I saw it. His message to me was very reassuring, and he wanted me to keep his memory, and the memory of all suffering animals wherever they are in the world alive. I can think of no better way of doing it than asking you to include this on your website, and ask that all who read this testimonial will just spend a minute of each day to send love to all animals everywhere, especially those in need. I believe that sending out love into the world really does help. Thank you Eileen."

– Susie

"This gives me such hope and thrill"

Client sought help understanding her horse who seemed miserable and was acting more aggravated as time went on. She was concerned that he didn’t like her or they weren’t right for each other. In the session her horse explained his thoughts, emotions and opinions regarding their relationship as well as his everyday care, tack, environment, etc. It became clear there was a pattern of miscommunication between them that was causing the problems in their relationship. The horse thought he was communicating clearly to her and was frustrated that she didn’t seem to listen to him.

"I am astounded and at the moment filled with tears and some regret. But very happy and so much more committed to Mattie now.

So much of what you said he said is so true. The grooming the tack and how we trail ride… The brush [he requested] I have one and will surprise him with the sheep skin glove. I’m so excited to do all this.

Yesterday I was right in front of his stall and I was amazed how Mattie was reaching out to me as I was squatting and let me kiss him repeatedly on his nose. [He said in the session he shows his love for her by allowing her to be near his face and muzzle.] He has been trying to tell me… I will address all things with him s l o w l y and quietly. He is right I do need to slow down. And he has been polite lately since after last week I realized not to be in his stall at all when he eats. I am so grateful for all this information I love him so much and he was right when he was acting poorly in frustration I was thinking of selling him. I thought he did not like me. He does just not how I do things which now I know. I will try to be much better for him This gives me such hope and thrill.

I will never sell him. Ha not a chance now because I know most of this is my not understanding him…THANK YOU so much!! I am filled with wonder and amazement and gratitude."

She made adjustments in their routine based on what she learned about her horse, and positive changes in their relationship began almost immediately:

"I am so happy to say that by just changing my arrival 'manners' and letting him eat in peace has already been a well received step in building on our positive relationship. We are doing really well and I have to say I am doing really well because I no longer have any doubts about our relationship and he does have his reserved way of showing me his love.

I am paying so much more attention and it is wonderful to be part of this experience. Your feedback and communication with Mattie is so appreciated and I was long overdue in reaching out to you."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful reading"

Client sought help to learn a newly-adopted puppy's needs and wishes, understand her health issues, and help her adjust to her new life.

"I am long remiss is writing to thank you for your help with Lila. You sent a wonderful report that I have read through many times and sent on to friends. I wanted to respond with our progress report. Lila is eating much better now; in fact she has put on over 4 pounds and has grown several inches long and up. She still has some sporadic bouts of anxiety when I leave, but overall she is so much better. She is more confident in general and seems very content. I know that I need to play with her more. She would like to have more puppy wild play, but I try to keep her occupied with quieter activities. She also has invented a couple of her own games. It amazes me how clever she is. I never had a dog before who could make up her own games! She is a miracle. As instructed, I have increased the number of kisses she receives (probably 100's every day). Everyone we meet also seems to want to kiss her too. She went to my meditation group's annual potluck and was the hit of the evening. She was passed from lap to lap like a sack of potatoes and was kissed over and over. Because the angels sent her to me, I have attached an angel emblem to her collar so as to remind everyone what gifts animals are to all of us and what a gift Lila is to me.

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. If we have problems with the big move ahead, I will be sure to call for another reading. I am encouraging friends to contact you."

"I couldn't believe how you targeted her back problems so precisely"

My client was concerned for her senior dog. She wanted help to understand how she was coping with her medical issues, pain levels, deciding if she wants surgery, and her dog's overall quality of life.

"Thank you, Eileen. This is absolutely perfect. You're the best animal communicator I've encountered. I'll be recommending you to a few friends.

Thought you might like a little feedback as to accuracy. The creamy white 'soup' you said Kachina likes is the yogurt cottage cheese mix I put her pills in. We just started that mix. Funny she'd show that! You found the exact spots on her back, shown on x-rays, and her rear left foot DOES tingle-she licks it a lot. She also walks holding it high sometimes. She also has a deep lung cough which I thought might be heartworms but she checked out negative. So you were right on with seeing the lung issue. Glad to know what it is."

She sent a further update a few months after our session:

"Kachina's doing very well. After your session we went for a second opinion about her pain, which said [the medication] she was on was causing gastric pain. Since you'd said that also, we changed meds. I couldn't believe how you targeted her back problems so precisely, which the second vet confirmed in X-rays. Kachina's blind but very happy and very loved. Your reading prevented me from putting her to sleep."

– Lauriel, Albuquerque, NM

"They are so much better and happier"

Preparing the existing pets before a new dog joined the household. Getting to know the new dog and helping him overcome biting, housetraining and other issues.

"When I adopted Tanner, he was a sorry, sore mess. I didn't know where to turn, aside from the vet, and had used an Animal Communicator before. Since I couldn't locate that number, I searched and found Eileen. So I wrote to her and explained the situation with the new adoptee and new "siblings". She helped by asking Tanner why he kept biting me and finding that he was in much pain from his teeth and bum. Then again when he was getting upset because I was going to work and wanted to bite again. Now he will lick his lips or snarl when upset instead of biting. She also was able to convince him to "mark" outside along the fence line instead of in the house. I can't express how much she has helped me with all my dogs. They are so much better and happier since I know what is going on and they know more about me. I tell everyone about the changes. They seem skeptical at first, but must see for themselves. I didn't need convincing because I've seen it before. Try it. You'll never go back to conventional training again!"

– Diane D, Coatesville, PA

"I was moved by this information"

Getting off to a good start with a new pet by learning about her history, health, likes & dislikes

"Being somewhat skeptical, and not understanding how something like this can be, I am certain that Eileen made contact with my dog, Rosie, and that information was communicated between them. Eileen answered all my questions. And I now have a much greater understanding of Rosie's history (I adopted her from a shelter 2 months ago). And what I can do to make her life as good as it can be going forward. I was moved by this information and felt strongly that Rosie's personality came through to her. I am so glad I decided to consult with Eileen."

– Judy, RN, Reiki Master

"We are now one big happy family!"

Getting to know two newly-adopted dogs while keeping the existing two cats feeling secure was a little harder than this family anticipated. We held sessions with each of the animals to give them all a chance to voice their concerns, understand the changes and begin to bond.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping us integrate Buddy into our family. Initially I was worried that the cats would never adapt to having this new, large dog in the house, but after you spoke with each animal, we were much more hopeful. Thanks to your insights, we are now one big happy family! The cats even rub on Buddy when they walk by him. It's very cute! Thanks again!"

"You brought him home to me"

Client needed help to locate her indoor cat who had been missing for 5 days. He was home the next day!

"My beautiful tiger cat, Tigger, ran out of the house as I was coming in with my dog, Pearl. After days of looking everywhere, putting up posters, and banging on people's doors asking whether they'd seen him, Tigger was nowhere to be found. Even ads in the local newspaper, on the local radio station, calls to every vet's office, and phoning the local shelter were to no avail. He was microchipped, but he had no collar. I was needless to say, hysterical.

Then I found you online. You spoke to Tigger; so I knew that he was alive. That calmed me down and helped me breathe again. You said that he was close and that he ran out only because he could! You told me where he'd crossed the road (I actually found the spot that matched your description.) He told you that he'd heard me calling him the day before but he couldn't get to me on time.

In a second conversation, you told me that he was close to the house, and that he was getting hungry. You told him to go home. He said that he was on the other side of the street but was afraid to cross. You said that he would come back when he felt safe, either at dawn or at dusk.

After six days, I was very sad. I wondered if I'd ever see my big, beautiful, sweet Tigger cat again. I came home at dusk, after I'd been out calling him for hours. I went in to get food for the feral cat, Callie, who appeared outside. Then, lo and behold, there was another beautiful fuzzy head in the bowl! Tigger! I grabbed him and covered him with kisses and took him into the house. He was none the worse for his adventure, thank goodness.

Eileen, again thank you, thank you, thank you. You did it! You told me where my Tigger was, told me where to look for him, told him to come home, and brought him home to me. You are amazing! You even helped me keep my sanity in the process. By the way, he hasn't tried to run since."